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Breakfast at Baker & Cook

Looking for that appetising breakfast in a relaxing cafe with good service? Searching for that holy grail of dishes that satisfies your rumbling stomach (for example, a tasty Eggs Benedict)? If so, you can safely have Baker & Cook in Dempsey Hill on your list! It offers over the counter bakery items to take home as well as a sit down option.

Our usual litmus test is one dish across all breakfast cafes and restaurants. This is the Eggs Benedict! If this scrumptious dish passes the test, then the rest of the food must be at least acceptable! The hollandaise sauce should have a creamy salty buttery flavour with enough over the poached egg to complement, and not overpower. A few greens on the side and the eggs benedict sitting on smoked salmon, spinach (with or without bacon) is a minimum. Without these elements, the dish just will not satisfy that hunger.

This Eggs Benedict ticked all those boxes!


The Eggs Benedict was certainly tasty, however the server forgot to add the requested extra hollandaise sauce (disappointed).

A dish from Baker & Cook
Eggs benedict with salmon

The cappuccino was a medium strength, albeit a little on the smaller side of coffee proportions, but nice to have the touch of side cookie.

The pre-packaged watermelon juice was refreshing and certainly juicy!

Finally the Eggs Benedict arrived! The drizzle was a balsamic reduction which was an interesting variation to this classic. The sauce was tasty (we could have easily had more!), salmon fresh, and the sourdough was up to par!

Two variations were ordered – with and without bacon. Both enjoyed and finished!

There is also counter service with take away variety of bakery, pastry and savoury options.

Sourdough loaves


Baker & Cook is set in its own building in the Dempsey Hill area, with a dedicated small children’s playground and indoor / outdoor seating.


There is an interesting counter display for bakery items, cookies, and so on.

Ordering & payment is done at the counter, where you will be provided with a numbered stand.

Tables may be booked or you are free to choose available spots, after which a waitress will serve you your food when it’s ready.


Overall, service was fine. The drinks and breakfast came relatively quickly, although we were disappointed no extra tasty hollandaise sauce was included following our request!

It is a reliable meeting spot for friends, or to just have a relaxing, well-prepared meal while clearing those emails!

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