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Deliciosa Binomia

Binomia is a fine dining Spanish restaurant in Craig Road. With Executive Chef Gonzalo Landin, the food is an exquisite version of the traditional quick and easy tapas. 
Mural outside Binomio

Binomia has a wonderful ‘secret club’ feel to its atmosphere when you walk in to be greeted by the professional staff at the door. Don’t be fooled by the casual looking entrance as once you enter the door, the ambiance is one of elegance and superior atmosphere.

Front entrance to Binomio


We started with a suitably tasty Espresso Martini and Estrella beer before choosing the 7 tapas menu. The portion sizes were definitely not modest, and 7 tapas dishes certainly did not leave  room for dessert!

Espresso Martini and Estrella beer

The dishes were delicious and the traditional tapas quick small dishes were revolutionised in Binomia. It is worth selecting from the wide variety of dishes available, from the sea  (seafood), the earth (meat dishes) and from the land (vegetarian dishes).

The menu is changed every few months, so the restaurant is worth repeated visits to explore new tastes.

There are also a-la carte 2-person of paella and rice dishes, to long prep suckling pig. The dishes that we chose were beyond the traditional flavours, showing off the clearly skilful flair of the chef.

Braised Oxtail in Pastry Cups
Calamari with bacon and egg


Inside Binomio

The interior is white table-clothed with complementing warm tones of beige, white and coffee-coloured soft chairs and rustic exposed beams. The lighting was soft creating a gentle mood, sufficient for celebrating special occasions or just to enjoy an elegant dinner.


As would be expected, quality of this level does not come cheap, however it is not break the bank expensive either. You can choose from modest dishes or the more pricey decadent ones, such as the Atlantic Octopus for SGD38.

Cava Creaura Brut

Nevertheless the portion sizes seem more than the usual tapas tiny tasting dishes and after 5 selections, you will feel satisfied.

If you are hungry, go for the 7 tapas choices for SGD188 and you will most definitely enjoy the variety.

Seared foie gras and scallops

We had no room for dessert, but check out the latest menu here for the latest sweet delights.

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