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Lunch Bite at Issho Izayaka

As with most Japanese restaurants, the highest of service standards complement delicate food offerings. 


Ika Maru Yaki

We ordered a light meal which came as it was prepared so it was fresh, hot and crispy! The dishes were prepared at an efficient lunch-paced speed and preserved the delicate nature of the choices.

The Ebi Tempura (pictured above) was accompanied with house-made dipping sauce and the salmon maki were fresh but considerable mouthfulls.

The Ika Maru Yaki (squid) was perfectly grilled leaving it soft and tender with a tasty house made shoyu sauce.

Finally the Bacon Ebi was a perfect balance of smoky bacon over good sized prawns and the Salmon Ikura Don had a generous amount of fresh and melting salmon sashimi with an abundance of salmon roe, served with the house made shoyu on the side for individual preferences.


Entrance to Issho Izayaka

There is an outside seating area right beside McDonald’s and an inside seating area with booths. We chose the inside seating and were grateful to see the chef at work and appreciate his friendly interactions with us.

We were efficiently seated, provided physical menus and guided to the buttons at the end of the table to be pressed when ready to order. The buttons offered options for ‘Order’ and ‘Bill’ presumably so that patrons are not disturbed before they are ready before asking for the total bill.

The restaurant is situated in the newly renovated Great World City just off River Valley Road at Kim Seng Promenade. Parking is easy with plenty of underground spaces, as well as quick connection to buses and shuttle buses for connectivity to main points around the city, such as Novena and Chinatown.


While the final amount is more pricey than a regular lunch bite, it was certainly a satisfying meal due to the quality of food that was prepared.

Bacon Ebi
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