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The Essential Packing Handbook (ed.)2022
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Don’t stress with the idea of relocating! Yes, it’s a LOT of preparation and work, but we have done it for you in this amaxing 50+ page Essential Packing Handbook! It is FULL of handy tips, preparation and checklists to get you ready for your move. Lists include thinking about temporary accommodation, insurances, and includes a comprehensive start to create your household inventory!

You won’t need to stress after using this Handbook!


The Essential Packing Handbook (Ed.2022) ad (2)You can ease your stress by downloading, printing and using this comprehensive all-in-one Essential Packing Handbook. It is the best available all-in-one book of organised information according to timelines and categories so that you are free to focus on other important aspects of moving, such as orientating yourself with your new destination. Whether you are moving to the next community, or moving overseas, you will appreciate these pre-made checklists and handy tips.

Find 50+ pages of the best and essential lists to help you think of everything possible as you go through your move.

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