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Set Menu at Atout

Set low within the hill, the restaurant has a very intimate and private atmosphere, giving a feeling of exclusivity. Furniture and ambiance is casual yet elegant.

Atout is a restaurant in Dempsey Hill, set below street level of a 2 storey building. The lower floor is the restaurant with the hill side opening out to outdoor seating. The other side has large glass windows letting in plenty of light.

The entry level of the building on ground level is a modest boutique style store with offerings that are found on the menu (such as the delicious Creme Brulee), butter, wines, jams and so on.


The food was tasty and well balanced with flavours and textures. While the mushroom soup was slightly understated, it was light and suitable for an entree. 

The proportions were perfect given that there are 3 courses with a smooth transition of flavours between the courses. 

Mushroom soup

The pate was infused with truffle which was perfectly accompanied with fresh sourdough and lightly dressed salad. The flavour was subtle and not overpowering with the truffle. The texture of the foie gras was silky working well with the insanely fresh sourdough. The butter was equally delicious being an unsalted butter with a light sprinkle of salt on top.

Truffle foie gras

The white fish had a lovely smooth pureed lentil base, and adorned with edible flowers and greens. Given the fine flavour of the fish, the lentil base and accompanying greens come together very well.

Grilled white fish

Dessert was a light upside down Creme Brulee with a smoky caramel at the bottom of the jar instead of the traditional drizzle on top. It was so good, that we had to buy extra for home from the store upstairs!


The restaurant is set below street level on an escaping hill, so there is a backdrop of  the hill on one side and a wider view on the other. There are lots of large windows so no danger of feeling enclosed.

Service was impeccable as our waiter was charming and knowledgeable about the menu. We didn’t wait for the food at all, and the time between courses was just enough to digest and be ready for the next course of food.

At the entry level, there is a small boutique shop with unusual food, preserves, some cheeses and cakes to choose from. Some food from the restaurant is sold at the store.


For the price, it was an excellent and most satisfying lunch. To pay a tiny amount more, you can enjoy a glass of wine as well! The menu has a decent range to choose from: 3 choices from appetizers, 6 choices of mains from 3 proteins, seafood and vegetarian, and 3 choices with tea or coffee for dessert.

Creme Caramel



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